Latest pieces and getting ready for the little one!

Here is an update on the latest jewelry I've made these past months. This Ultramarine necklace set above I made with a set of blue and gold beads I recently bought at a local bead show. Paired with rose gold colored chains and matching earrings. This set is on sale on my easy site Ultramarine Necklace Set

Shady Chains & Pearls. I LOVE how the materials and color of this matching bracelet and earrings came out. The mixing of the silver chains, aurora borealis beads and silver pearls go perfect together. An oversized heart at the end of the toggle clasp for adjustable sizing. On sale here Shady Chains & Pearls

Fall Inspired wire hoop earrings with an edge. Inspired by the fall season. Fall colors with a burst of coral. On sale Fall Inspired Earrings

Another pair of Fall Inspired wire hoop earrings. On sale Autumn Capri Earrings

An unexpected combination of stones and chains. 4-strand bracelet with matching earrings. Classic colors and I like this style because the chains next to the rock beading is different and gives it a modern look. White leaf charms included at the end of the bracelet and earrings to give it my signature 'charmed' look. On sale Stone & Chains

Custom Charm Bracelet
This was a custom charm bracelet made for as a bridal gift for a special bridesmaid. She loves to travel and the buyer wanted a classic look. I love the chunkiness and weight of the bracelet along with the 2 simple charms at the very end. 

Baby On The Way!
As you can see, the last couple of months I've still kept pretty busy but I recently changed my bead room to a baby room! We are expecting our baby girl very soon so I'll be M.I.A. for the rest of the year. If not totally M.I.A. I may be able to sneak a little jewelry piece here and there or post my usual holiday crafting for the year but I will be taking a little break until our baby arrives. Don't forget to still check out my jewelry on Facebook and my jewelry will still be selling on Etsy. It's definitely going to be an exciting year to come!


Flair Necklaces and Children Bracelets

Trying out some new techniques, I've recently made these 'Flair' necklaces. They're fun and a bold statement to dress your neck. I think they're great to wear for any season and is the perfect piece to flair up any outfit!

Jackie's Birthday Charm Bracelet

This was a fun 1950's inspired charm bracelet for Jackie's special day. Charms include an oldies car, musical notes, pink poodle, popcorn and a sundae. Pink and black colors with a touch of teal. 

Sweet and Classy

A sweet charm bracelet with Akayla's name added. 4 strands of fun and topped off with a pink donut. This was made for my niece. She's a 9 year old who's in the transition of still loving fun colors but wants to start looking a little more "grown". Love her!

Child Bracelets for Maria's Wedding

These are two custom charm bracelets for Layla who's favorite color is purple and Alexx who's favorite color is pink. Maria wanted these bracelets to have their favorite colors and a vintage touch to go along with her wedding. Added at the end were a pink and purple acrylic flower with sterling silver puffy hearts.

What I'm Expecting

Well, besides my first baby [YES! It's a girl!].. Till she arrives I'm working on more custom charm bracelets and the usual ready-to-sell jewelry. I'll be adding more pieces to my collection at Vintage Revival and hopefully get some jewelry ready for the Fall/Winter season. Making some major adjustments to my bead room- now turned, Baby Room. I'm pretty excited for the colder weather and ready to hibernate indoors for some jewelry making!


Blast of Jewelry Sets

I've been busy designing some new sets of charm bracelets and necklaces. All one of a kind and of course, no 2 pieces alike. This colorful scarlet charm bracelet and earring set has a array of reds, corals, turquoise and gold. Set on bronze chains. Floral accents everywhere! It's a colorful statement piece for your wrist.

Glitter and Gold. Oversized light blue rock slate beads with shiny champagne colored touches in between. I added a chunky bronze chain for a classic touch and matched it with wire hoop earrings.  

Classic Getaway. This set kind of reminds me of just getting away and not worrying about what matches with what in your wardrobe. It's such a colorful set, it'll pretty match almost anything. I think I do best when I'm stuck on a color scheme and just end up using as much colors as possible. Such a fun, colorful and bold piece. This set is ready for purchase Classic Getaway

Silver Savage. I think it's harder to match up color with silver than gold. I feel like this has a little aztec feel to it. Colors of blues, reds, white and silver. It's an interesting color match that ended up going really well together. This set is ready for purchase Silver Savage

Minted Gold. One of my most recently made necklace sets and a favorite. Using circular beads can sometimes be tricky but the gold chains evens out the symmetry for me. The colors all blend well together with nothing standing out too much. I really love gold and white. Always gives you can elegant and flawless feel.

I still have a couple of more sets that I have to post. I've been busy traveling the last couple of months so hopefully I'll be in once place for awhile ;0) Get ready for more beautiful handmade sets (many that will be added to the Vintage Revival store) and of course, some new designs coming your way.


Neck Candy Galore

So I've been preettty busy creating some fun neck candy. This set called Color Swirls is a fun set with a statement necklace and matching gold wire hoop earrings. I found these colorful swirly paint-like beads at the Intergalactic Bead Show I attended awhile ago. I knew right away I wanted to make it into a great necklace. Color Swirls is also listed on my Etsy site Color Swirls

Turquoise Echo 

Turquoise Echo is a piece that I think you can wear all year round and can easily be thrown on with almost any outfit. Another statement necklace for the perfect turquoise howlite lover. Turquoise Echo

Fan of Color
One of my favorite neck candy sets I've recently made. I wanted some fresh color and couldn't decide on one so I kind of put them all in a set! I always want to create something unique and obviously jewelry that you won't see anyone else wearing. A fan of color (literally) mixed with bronze and gold. A pretty cool combination Fan of Color

USC Trojan Theme

Yes, I'm still squeezing in charm bracelet requests in the little time that I have making all my other jewelry. This is a USC Trojan themed request for Jen. Colors based on the university and charms added to personalize. 'I love shopping' bag, USC logos, movie stubs, her name in block letters and a chihuahua. 

First Piece Sold for $200!!
I was so excited when the owner of Vintage Revival (where some of my jewelry is being sold) emailed me to let me know that my Paris themed charm bracelet sold at the store for over $200! I couldn't believe it and talk about a boost of confidence. I knew waiting for the right boutique and taking my time would pay off. Everything I stuck with as far as being original, not lowering my prices, making the best quality and definitely not keeping up with the trends were the right things to do. It also came at a perfect time, last month which marked my 3 year anniversary with JenLove Jewelry. What a great year so far!


I've gone PRO!

So, you can now add 'Professional' in front of my Jewelry Designer title ;0) I am SO EXCITED to say that some of my JenLove Jewelry is currently selling at a local, high-end Vintage and Antique store in Virginia Beach! The boutique is called Vintage Revival and talk about the PERFECT place, right? I've recently had such a love for vintage style jewelry, it only made sense.

I walked into this boutique one day to do my usual Vintage shopping. If anyone's read the novel 'A Vintage Affair' by Isabel Wolff, I would imagine this is the closest I would get to Phoebe's Vintage Shop that she opened in Blackheath, London. It's crazy to think that my handmade jewelry is being sold in the same store that sells vintage items by Gucci, Halston, LV, YSL, Hermés and more! The clientele that comes through have a real appreciation for classic fashion and are not worried about the changing seasons and latest trends. That's me! For YEARS I've been thinking about what kind of boutique I would want my jewelry to be sold in, and I've found it.

I've been referred to other stores in the area in the past but they were all too trendy and not my jewelry style. I also felt like I didn't want to commit to a store unless I knew I had all the time in the world to consistently make jewelry when needed. One of the worse things you can do is get a store to carry your jewelry, then realize you don't have the time to keep up with season changes and their demand for newer styles that in the end, your jewelry ends up getting pulled out from their store! Looks bad on you as a designer and your name.

Now my goal as a Jewelry Designer since I've left nursing is right where I want it. I'm able to make jewelry at home on my own time. When I feel the need, I can go to Vintage Revival [or any future boutiques I may sell at in the future] and change or add pieces when I want. The few jewelry I have on my Etsy account are just more for show. I don't really depend on that site for sales, more for doing online transactions. I'm over the phase of pushing my jewelry on friends and family over that a loonngg time ago and now can just sit back and enjoy. Don't have to worry about all the work for applying for local vendor shows and setting up just to showcase my jewelry along millions of other designers. I always love being a spectator of those things but was never a fan of being part of them. I can focus on making jewelry for VR and when the itch comes.. have little Jewelry Parties or Shows on my own, with select people in mind and of course, my loyal JL customers. My jewelry at VR are currently being sold from $70-$180 a piece. It's been hard but I've done so good at not depreciating my work. Yeah.. you can say I'm living my dream right now.

These 2 photos below are from Vintage Revival's Facebook Page. Visit them and 'Like'!

Carved Rose Set
A popular set I've recently made with a combination of antique bronze with green and teal colors. The colors worked so well together and I love the filigree rose pendants.

Vintage Rehab

Here is the second necklace that is going through Rehab. The only part of this that I really loved were the light blue flower bead caps. I was trying to work with the ivory rock pearl-like beads, but in the end I couldn't find a place for them. I thought the colors were different and I liked it so I kept the color scheme the same. This is what I came up with.

I not only kept it a 2-strand necklace but also made a matching bracelet with it. I added turquoise circle beads and white pearls and light pink crystals. It looks fresher and but still has the same elements of the original. It was a fun re-design and I love how it turned out.

The Carved Rose set is currently being sold at Vintage Revival. I may also add this re-design set to the collection!

I know we've been a victim of it all. The overuse of filters, blurry shots and taking pictures in the dark. Well, I'VE never taken any jewelry photos in the dark. I see too many horrible photos of jewelry out there. When I first started taking photos, they were pretty bad. Not taking shots in natural light. Using a bedroom light thinking it would make it look decent. Looking back at all of those photos, it's pretty embarrassing. Here are some tips I've came up with for taking better photos. Photos of your work is SO IMPORTANT. Jewelry is eye candy and if you don't shoot it right- it can make the jewelry look cheap and, let's just say.. not very pretty.

  • ALWAYS use natural light. Photos show up crisper and less chance of having shadows (but not too much sun). It also gives you light without changing the colors of your jewelry.
  • Stop using your phone for good quality photos. If you have a website where you're actually selling jewelry, you need to have great quality photos. Sending photos to friends is okay for using your phone camera, but not for showcasing your jewelry online. Yes, that means more work so don't be lazy. Well, you can be lazy but it will show!
  • Experiment with different angles. I think always taking a picture the same way all of the time can get boring. It's always better to take photos with a slight angle. Try different styles and see what works. 
  • Learn some basic Photoshop tricks. Learning how to edit whether it's cropping, brightening and re-sizing photos makes a huge difference. I was a graphic designer back in my days so I'm very familiar with editing many of my jewelry photos. Learning the basics is pretty easy so take some time to do that. You'll be surprised at the difference of your pictures with the before and after. 

Of course doing all of these things takes time but if you're putting money and any real effort in making jewelry then you need to take just as much energy showing it off. One of my biggest peeves are seeing bad photos of jewelry from people who just rush to get a picture out after a night of making jewelry [yes.. you can totally tell. It's very obvious]. So take your time and don't make immature decisions because customers notice and it can make the difference of making a sale or not.


NFL Themed Bracelets & New Treasures

I went vintage jewelry shopping this past weekend and found some great treasures! My first findings were a matching necklace and bracelet set. It's a beautiful ivory color and each bead is carved to look like a flower. I love every part of this set and don't worry- I won't be putting this through Vintage Rehab. The only thing I plan on doing is changing the clasp on the bracelet to something a little more secure. It's such a beautiful set!

As I was browsing the shelves of vintage accessories, my eyes stopped at the cutest pair of Disco Starburst earrings. I not only love the design, but the color is so fun and I had to buy these.

NFL Custom Charm Bracelets

So it all started with this Washington Redskins custom charm bracelet for Jackie. I've made sports themed bracelets before but this was the first time I made one for a NFL team. I use official NFL charms and add a little of that JenLove touch. The chain is sterling silver and I used burgundy and gold beads. Added DC in letter beads and white and clear beading to fill in the rest. This was such a fun bracelet to make and it opened doors for other football fans.

This New York Giants bracelet was made for Joy as a surprise birthday gift from her brother. I will point out that I am a NYG fan so I did have a little extra happiness inside of me while I made this one. Once again I used official NFL charms and added colors of the team and I decided to add a cute birthday cake charm just so she'll always remember this as a birthday gift. I also added my JenLove heart tag at the end. Made with love!

Here is a second New York Giants bracelet made for a fan who recently became a licensed CPA and will be given as a gift at her surprise party. I changed it up by using the pink NFL charms along with the team colors. 

I'm really liking the pink logos. I used ab beads to blend the pink and blue and added a little silver. Looks like I'm gonna have to make myself one before the football season starts again! 

If you're interested in having one made for yourself, please feel free to contact me. NFL themed custom charm bracelets range from $100-$130. Handmade and so much love put into it. Design and charms are entirely up to you, I just put it together! Thank you Jackie and Joel for giving me the opportunity to make these fun pieces. Ironic it happens to be a Redskins and Giants bracelet, yeah?  =)

The Skinny: What Does 'Custom' Really Mean?
I feel like I need to write (type) about this more for the buyers and customers than for other jewelry designers. I started off making custom bracelets when I first made jewelry so I have been making unique pieces for awhile. Now it seems that anyone making jewelry is calling almost every piece custom. Well, yeah technically it can be... but is it really?

Some people don't realize or appreciate the idea of handmade jewelry and I get that. My jewelry isn't for everyone and neither are the prices. One thing I ask when it comes to my charm bracelets is do you think you can walk into any store, mall or boutique and get a custom charm bracelet designed exactly how you want? If you do find one, I promise you it will cost hundreds more than mine. The more you customize anything whether it's jewelry, clothing, decor, etc. it will cost more. If you're paying for custom jewelry, you better hope that the jewelry designer isn't making anything else exactly like the one you're paying for. If not, it's not a custom piece and you shouldn't be paying extra money for it.

I've made many wonderful bracelets for my customers in the last couple of years. One thing I can say about them is that each of them were made with so much detail and great ideas and thoughts of each buyer, no one will ever find anything even close to it. Whether it was an anniversary gift, birthday surprise or just a sweet charm bracelet for a sister or daughter, each is original and made for that special person.

So as a customer don't let other designers fool you into getting more money or making you think they're making you jewelry that is really custom. Don't be afraid to ask them "How is this custom and what process goes into it?". Just keep this in mind when you're looking at other handmade jewelry and amazing artists who have a talent for really making great pieces. Hopefully you can also understand pricing a little more. There's nothing wrong with buying jewelry that's currently in style or the latest trend. Just do your research and if the price doesn't seem right, then don't buy it. If you are thinking about investing a lot of money and buying handmade jewelry, make sure it's something you're happy with. It's going to be something you or someone else will be wearing so as long as you put some real thought to it, you really can't go wrong.

Below is a perfect example of a custom piece I made for a enthusiastic Twilight fan. I've just added my section of Custom Charm Bracelets on my site, so to see more of my work visit


Happy Friday!

Welcome to the weekend! I have many custom charm bracelet requests I'll be working on the following month and I still have these 2 pieces of Vintage Jewelry that need to go through Rehab. More work to be seen and I will start to gradually show many of the charm bracelets and sets I've done but haven't posted yet. Happy Beading!!